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TripleCurve/Santa Clara, CA (work from home position)

We are building a team of writers and editors to create page collections that focus around holiday, seasonal, and lifestyle themes. There are two portions to the project, which includes content and image sourcing. The project is long-term and expected to last throughout 2015.

The content portion of the project includes creating a title, subtitle, and description that focus around the collection topic. Overall, the content needs to be high quality, fun, engaging, and snappy, and it should never have a "salesy" tone. Ultimately, the content draws the reader in and makes them interested to view the images on the page.

Writers source images to assemble a collection that provides readers with an engaging visual to accompany the content. The images must relate to the collection topic, and provide a cohesive feel.

Sample Collection Subject: The Alternative Travel Project
Sample Collection Title: Travel differently, live a healthy lifestyle
Sample Collection Subtitle: Walk, bike, or roll your way to a healthier planet
Sample Collection Description: Think green. Encourage well-being. Take the road less traveled. Walk past your car, and choose a different path tomorrow — the first step on a journey to a healthier environment and fitter body. In the spirit of The Alternative Travel Project, one single day can make a lasting impact on the earth and the way you personally perceive that circadian voyage. Bikes whirring down sidewalks and sneakers forging their own paths are just small pieces of the bigger eco-friendly picture.


– Able to commit to at least 25 collections/week
– Understand the style guide details
– Ensure each collection follows client's style guidelines
– Make sure spelling, grammar, and tone are correct
– Be able to create aesthetically beautiful collection pages
– Communicate with writers/editors pending revisions

If you are interested, please review the Style Guide here: http://goo.gl/Gyq5qk and submit the writing application (http://goo.gl/kC2r75) or editing application (http://goo.gl/kOspSy). If you are accepted, you will be asked to complete 1 paid collection trial. Payments are made per collection and issued once per week via PayPal.

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