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Technology is your passion and you're always looking for a way to find hidden gems in software, tools and web services, especially cloud storage? We're looking for talented writers who understand software/cloud services and are willing to spend time testing and evaluating features and most importantly write about them with a passionate voice. English must be your native language, or you're so good that you can outgeek our editor in the intricacies of English grammar. Our topics range from: -Backup software
-Online backup services
-Cloud storage
-The importance of backups
-Security in the cloud Just make sure to tick off the following criteria boxes before applying: 1. Native English speakers only, please
2. Experience with cloud storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
3. Experience with WordPress (you'll be uploading and formatting posts with it)
4. A desire to help and inform others
5. Articles must be well-researched, with screenshots for the software/service in most cases
6. The ability to work with tight (5-10 hour) deadlines, we've got to deliver the new fresh and fast (if you apply for the news writer position).
7. Good teamwork and communication skills
8. The ability to correct any mistakes quickly
9. Some experience with WordPress would be very welcome! But it's not an obligation. Experience in software development is not required, instead, your most important asset is a well-informed, thoughtful opinion about what makes great software.

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