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Are you enthusiastic about online marketing, entrepreneurship, the hustle, startups, and excited about the prospect of diving deep into the world of, SaaS and building businesses? Do you:
● Love the art of writing?
● Meet your deadlines? Are you able to:
● Write in a conversational tone?
● Create captivating, web-friendly narratives with irresistible hooks and attention-getting headlines?
● “Storytell” and captivate an audience through writing?
● To generate 5-7 high-quality blog posts per month? Are you appalled by the quality of this job description? Then we’re LOOKING FOR YOU! We are working on, an All in One Analytics application that is set to revolutionize Online Marketing industry. As part of our content marketing strategy we are hiring talented writers who can talk about Internet Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, E-Commerce, Online business growth, Increasing traffic and revenue etc. Here is an example of three articles with the style of writing we are looking for: ●
● What are we looking for Length:
● We want Blogs written with minimum 2000+ words.
● For the right candidate this would be an easy and fun job. There will be regular chunks of work monthly if your articles prove to be popular with our readers.

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