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Thank goodness you’re reading this!

See, we’re desperate. It started with the classic plan…

“Let’s launch a blog!!!!!!!!!!”

“Great idea – we can all write 5 articles per day until the end of time! It’s not like articles take any time at all to write…”


*There’s no content on our blog.*

See, we’ve got the strategy and content ideas. But the actual writing is turning into a HUGE roadblock.

Can you help?

Here’s what we need:

—-1) Someone CURIOUS about our market. You know those generic blog posts that have no personality and not very new information? We don’t want ‘em. But, if you’re curious and don’t mind learning about some relatively interesting stuff (eLearning & Medical Devices to name a few) you’ve come to the right place.

—-2) Someone who hits deadlines. Nuff said.

—3) Someone who has a great conversational tone. Prospects are people too!

What kind of articles are we looking for?
—1,000 words minimum
—Ultra-useful (here’s an example)

How much will we pay?
You tell me. (Obviously no less than $100.)

How to apply?
Send me your top writing sample
Put the words “whiteboard power” at the top of the message so I know you actually read this 🙂

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