Spiritual Writer / Beloved Community / White Plains, NY

Beloved Community/White Plains, NY


I'm founder of a nonprofit startup called Beloved.Community. We're creating menu-driven spiritual exercises that we do together in community to support one another.

You will be writing spiritual exercises and we'll create a milestone payment for each one of about $25. If you write 30 exercises, you'll earn $750. Some of the titles of your exercises may include:

Gratitude Generator
Love Infuser
Peace Permeator
Depression Dumper
Despair Refuser
Crisis Healer
Envy Eraser

In your cover letter, don't worry about your resume or past accomplishments. Just tell me why you are interested / intrigued to write these spiritual exercises for a supportive community. And show me a real power and economy of language in your letter.

WARNING: This assignment is for the select few. So far over 160 have applied… and 8 writers have made it to the mountaintop of success. They are giving amazing reviews about how the app and the process has transformed their lives and their writing. Take this assignment only if you are tenacious and courageous, and looking to take your writing effectiveness to the next level!

Please write "exercise" as the first word of your cover letter, or your application will be deleted, unread.

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