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Erotic Writers Network is currently offering three opportunities for writers of erotic fiction. All work must be 100% original and unpublished (we check). We are a provider of premium erotic content focused on niche interests. We are especially interested in taboo/fetish fiction with unique characters, kinks, and plots.

1. Write for us. We are hiring ghostwriters to author 10k-20k word erotic fiction stories based on fetish/taboo themes. You will be a contractor and all rights to the work will belong to us. Please include your rate per story, how long it will take you to complete, whether you prefer to provide your own storylines (within our guidelines) or have us provide you with an outline, and an erotica writing sample.

2. Sell your work. If you have erotic fiction stories 10k+ words that feature a taboo/fetish theme, we may be interested in purchasing your work. With our sales contract, you relinquish ALL rights, including moral rights to your work. In your query, please include a summary of your work(s), desired compensation and your contact information.

3. Publish with us. We are currently accepting submissions of fetish/taboo erotic fiction. We offer 50-50 royalties on eBooks. There are no fees to publish and we do not sell publishing/editing packages.

Please see our website for more information. www.eroticwritersnetwork.com
or send an email query.

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