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From print to digital media, from China to the Americas, Europe, Africa and the rest of Asia, the China Daily Group is an authoritative provider of information, analysis and comment for global readers with a special focus on China. While China Daily has firmly established itself as the leading English-language news organisation in China since its founding in 1981, the group also publishes the Hong Kong, US, European, African, Asian and Latin American editions of the flagship brand with a total circulation of 900,000.

China Daily, the flagship newspaper, was founded on June 1st 1981, and publishes 24-page editions Monday through Friday, plus 16-page editions on Saturday and Sunday. It uses cutting-edge design, allied with dynamic photographs and artwork, and encompasses in-depth reports to analyse affairs both in China and internationally.

We are hiring…

Now China Daily head office is looking for senior copy editors for our Business section and copy editors for News, Features, Supplements and New Media.

Candidates should have at least 10 years of writing or editing experience with national print or online media. Business copy editor candidates should have at least five years’ experience reporting or editing business.

We are looking for excellent team players who can totally rewrite copy if needed and can mentor junior staff members. We want people who are confident in generating and sharing ideas.

Candidates must have superior word and grammar skills and a good knowledge of Chinese economy. Substantial familiarity with Chinese culture and current affairs would be an advantage. Also, we would like to hear from people who are working or have worked in a position of responsibility.

We offer successful candidates a competitive salary, free accommodation and medical insurance.

We thank all applicants for their interest but only those who are considered for an interview will be contacted.

How to apply

To apply please click the ‘apply online’ button below.

Date posted: 14/05/15 12:26 Closing date: 14/06/15
Salary: DoE Location: Beijing, China
Categories: copywriters | editors and management | features | news |

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