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LoveToKnow.com/Burlingame, CA (Telecommute)

LoveToKnow (LTK) is an online media company, committed to providing in-depth online resources. We pride ourselves on offering quality content with an authoritative voice and conversational tone. LoveToKnow is looking for freelance writers with professional expertise in their topic area to work on a temporary project.

Writers should have first-hand knowledge of the topics they want to write on. Some examples might be a writer with a background in fashion as a buyer/retailer/merchandiser is desirable for a fashion writer and experience as an antiques appraiser/shop owner is preferred in order to write on antiques topics.

Writer Needed (Contract)

Freelance Writers are needed to create, edit, update and merge content on a variety of topics for a temporary project. Writers will be assigned to certain topic areas based on their credentials. Assignments may entail any of the following: updating and revising existing content, fact checking and / or reviewing content for accuracy, merging existing content from multiple articles into a single article and creating new articles. Writers are responsible for ensuring each article published meets our specific writing guidelines and instructions.

Paid contributors are expected to produce quality articles that meet the needs of the reader. Writers are paid per each approved article. Article assignments vary greatly and pay is based on the complexity of the work involved; rates range from $20 to $70 on average. Pay is for completed and approved work, twice a month, via PayPal.

Required Skill and Experience

* Specific expertise and/or credentials in the writers' topics
* Excellent writing and editing skills, with logical flow, good organization and impeccable grammar
* Minimum of one year professional writing and editing experience
* Familiarity with a variety of website interfaces
* Great written communication skills
* Organized and efficient with keen attention to detail
* Home computer with broadband internet connection
* Able to work independently with minimal direction

Position is freelance, temporary, with flexible hours, and will be done from your home office. You must have your own computer with appropriate software and internet connection.

If interested, please respond via our internal application http://www.lovetoknow.com/apply.

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