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Freelance writer / fizzl.com / New York, NY | How to be a Copywriter

Freelance writer / fizzl.com / New York, NY

fizzl.com/New York, NY (International )

Fizzl.com is a new, noisy internet channel and magazine with daily news and video content for the connected generation which will launch in 2016. Our aim is to OUTRAGE, ENTERTAIN and INFORM, broadly covering the areas of science, tech and general geekery with an underlying libertarian ideology to everything we cover. We’re relentlessly stalking (not in a creepy way) the millennial 18-30 audience with a primary, but not exclusive male skew.

We are looking for writers with a punchy, succinct voice who can get to the point quickly and aren't afraid to turn science and tech articles into something provocative and hilarious. Fizzl wants you to let out your creative demons and create headlines more outrageous than Buzzfeed or Vice would dare publish. We want lists that stare into the headlights of controversy and laugh mischievously. We want lists that challenge accepted views on all sorts of subjects in the most entertaining, funny ways. We want you to choose an angle and stick with it through thick and thin.

We have various pieces we need to commission but we are also welcoming submissions for ideas.

We will pay $100 per short article/list

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