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Bloggers / News Writers / News Aggregators / Viral News Writers Needed for Entertainment & News Blog – The Urban Twist | How to be a Copywriter

Bloggers / News Writers / News Aggregators / Viral News Writers Needed for Entertainment & News Blog – The Urban Twist

What's your "Twist"? Are you a freelance writer that is looking to get your name out? Do you specialize in writing reviews of films, music, movies, etc.? Do you specialize in blogging about politics? Do you specialize in Sportswriting and reporting? Do you specialize in news reporting, in general? Do you know how to discover news that’s about to go viral and reporting on that news? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we might have an opportunity for you. TheUrbanTwist.com is a leading News Aggregator and Original News publication that currently employs dozens of online writers. We give our opinions or “twist” to the news that primarily details and define “urban” culture but doesn’t entirely make that the focal point of each story. Stories should be relatable and identifiable amongst different sects of people. Our platform currently reaches more than 300,000 readers per month. The Urban Twist is a Google News, Yahoo News and Bing News included website. The Urban Twist is currently seeking up to 100 News Writers to join our rapidly expanding team of writers as The Urban Twist continues to grow with more writers, new areas of coverage and a recently redesigned website. We want people looking to assist with daily updates and helping to expand our content. Basically we need you to help get our website fresh. AREAS OF WANT – Trending News & Topics
– Op-eds
– Conducting interviews
– Film and Music Reviews
– Video Game Reviews
– Trend-spotting in music and the music business WHAT AND WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR – Writers with a witty, conversational tone and distinct voice/style.
– Familiarity with WordPress and image editing.
– Writers with the time and ability to update multiple times per day. Night shift slots are open but we’re searching people available during the day.
– Some understanding of RSS feeds, Twitter, Google Alerts, etc.
– Familiarity with not only urban culture but pop culture is very important.
– The ability to self-edit, fact-check and follow existing formatting guidelines, style and procedures already in use at TUT.
– For shorter entries, the ability to contribute with several posts per week. Writers who wish to contribute reviews and lengthier pieces should be able to produce one to two articles per week.
– Must have active accounts on Facebook and Twitter. WHAT AND WHO WE AREN'T LOOKING FOR – Someone lacking self-discipline or motivation. If you can’t commit, don’t send your sh*t.
– AP-style dry journalism
– Long-winded writing and/or blathering that leads to nowhere.
– Writers who are too trapped in the past. We love nostalgia, too, but we’re looking for the now and what’s next. PAYMENT STRUCTURE This is a paid position and we pay per 1,000 views. The starting rate is $1 per 1,000 views of your article but once you reach just 10 posts and post at least 3 articles weekly, we will then bump the rate up to $3 per 1,000 views. More info about our pay scale can be found over on our site when you apply.

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