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Register as a featured copywriter | How to be a Copywriter

Register as a featured copywriter

This website is designed to help both new and veteran professional writers, which also means promoting them. Becoming a featured copywriter means that recruiters are more likely to find you, rather than force you to search for them.

To become a featured copywriter, you need to produce a blog post for this website. We ask for blog posts – and never payment or publicity – for two reasons.

  1. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, interesting articles for the writing community. This means that we’ll only publish great articles, and so if you write a post for us, we can see that first-hand and know you deserve to be featured.
  2. Potential recruiters can see your work without leaving the site, and they will know that we were impressed your ability.

Great – I’ve got what it takes. What’s the application process?

First, read a few articles on the website to get a feel for the type of content we produce and how it is presented. When you’re familiar with our stuff, send an email to writers@howtobeacopywriter.co.uk with two ideas for articles suitable for this website.

We will reply whether we think they suit the site (and if not, what similar features might be appropriate). We’ll then ask you to produce the post to a respectable deadline, and once it is finished, we’ll list your name, a bio you provide and links to your work on our featured copywriters section. Simple, right?